The Faded Canvas.

He worked real hard from day till night,    It was just the nights when he always cried.  "You will be successful", they had always said,  But no one ever saw that painting beside his bed.   So beautiful it was, it was clearly a perfection.   But it missed something that one day grabbed... Continue Reading →

Life – A complicated mess.

I have been told from the starting, that life gets better. This is just a phase and it will pass. Everything happens for good, you just don't realise the good part until you've been through the bad.  I still remember my childhood. The fun, the joy, the happiness I used to get when I played... Continue Reading →


"You've become so fat", "you should think about loosing some weight", "hey! go and eat something, you need it", "look how ugly she is", "atleast you don't look like him" "Haha, look at him, he looks like a girl". All of these comments seemed so familiar to you, didn't they? Everyone has been on both... Continue Reading →

Mother’s day.

Who is a mother? Just a women who gave birth to you? Or just a person who kept you in her womb for 9 months? No, she is much more than that to us. She is the only one who was there to handle all your tantrums, she is the only one who understood your... Continue Reading →

A girl’s​ place in India.

Every boy from the moment he is born, sometimes even unconsciously, is taught to think of a girl as a lesser human being than him, a mere servent, someone who is meant to stay at home,  give sacrifices so that you can enjoy. From the state of his mother in the home, always sacrificing her... Continue Reading →

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