The reason.

It is a big world out there, full of stress, trouble, complications, difficulties, love, respect, faith, trust, people living for one another, people dying for one another.

I am just a common person. One of my friends, or, should I say a great person with a big ass heart made me realise that I am worth something, that I can achieve something in life, that I too can become something in life. 

She just has no idea, how much she motivated me just by saying these simple words “I believe in you”.

Sometimes, it’s just the small things that take you over the edge, makes​ you believe in yourself all over again and that motivation can come from anywhere, maybe from just a dog, a speechless being who loves you without any demands or conditions, they care for you, they get worried the moment you step out of the house and all they require is just a peck of love, sometimes even just a whistle gets their tail wagging, just a rub on their head gets them so excited that they forget their hunger, their thurst, the scar they got in the morning from a fight with a rather mean dog because all they do is, live the moment. They have no worries for the future, no stress, no trouble, just a cute smiling dog with a forever wagging tail. 

If a dog can be so happy about its life what happened to us? Why is there so much stress in the world? Why is it all so complicated?

In my future blogs I will talk about life, how is it so simple and what is making it difficult. And the biggest issue-how to stay happy. 

“Live life in the present. You never know what would happen the next moment.”


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