A girl’s​ place in India.

Every boy from the moment he is born, sometimes even unconsciously, is taught to think of a girl as a lesser human being than him, a mere servent, someone who is meant to stay at home,  give sacrifices so that you can enjoy. From the state of his mother in the home, always sacrificing her happiness for her family or his sister who is always taught to keep her brother’s wishes first, not that it is good but sometimes it is only a one way teaching.

India is a country where on one side, a girl is taken as a form of goddess, people worship her and on the other side the same girl is molested, if not physically but mentally, they too are forced to believe that this is what they are meant to do, this is where they are meant to be and at last they live with the fact that this is all their fault because they were born as a girl.

All of these were big things. If we take an example of a girl from a normal family, she is still asked to stay away from boys as they are not “safe” for her to talk to, that girl is meant to come back home before sunset because the streets are not “safe” for her, she is meant to carry a pepper spray before leaving for work because going out all alone is not “safe” for her. She is not supposed to wear reveling clothes because if something happens then it will be her falut because she was the one who was tempting people by wearing such dresses. 

Still in the 21st century, after so much of science advancement and development, if a girl is going through her menses, she is meant as impure, she is not supposed to enter worship places and is not supposed to even talk to anyone about them. Her sanitary napkins are considered to be a thing of shame rather than just a medical commodity, which should be hidden from everyone’s sight because it is meant as “inappropriate” if any person, be it her brother or her father, sees it.

I am not a feminist, I do not believe that every guy has that mentality or that every family has that kind of mindset, but, I’m talking about the majority, I’m writing this through experience, by observing, by having conversation with girls who have gone through and are still going through this brutality. 

I just live with a notion that-don’t teach your girl the ways of being safe but rather teach your children to be respectful. Let the boys be boys but teach them the meaning of equality and respect. Teach them to be a human rather than an animal.


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  1. A huge problem in our country and still no one wants to talk about it. You can easily see the ignorance about the matter in the comments section of any Facebook post about gender equality.

    Lovely to read your post. Very well written. Aa I have written an article somewhere around the same line, it is nice to read someone else’s views as well. 🙂

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    1. It really is. People feel ashamed to talk on such necessary topics and that further leads to the degradation of our society. And moreover, they are the only ones who later on rant about the government not doing anything or the new generation being at fault.

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      1. Haha i hope you like the others too.

        Also, if you liked this one I am sure you will love “The Beginning”. Do give it a look. It is based on the similar concept with just a bit creativity (praising myself a bit😅).

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  2. All the points you’ve put forward in this post are very true. I’m honestly just waiting for the day when the mindset of us Indians changes and becomes more respectful and less ignorant toward women. Its was a really great post:))

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  3. So true! I am from India and I cannot agree more with what you said. Sadly many people in India still think this way. Not everywhere though. We have different standards for out goddesses and our girls and women. If India wants to progress, it cannot ignore half of it’s population’s problems.

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  4. This is so true! I too am a girl living in India, and I know what women have to got through here. Not only here, but throughout the whole world, women are considered something out-of-place, something that can be ‘used’. Also, families don’t care if they’re women members are molested, they just don’t want that whole incident to be ‘their fault’.
    Also, one point that I got out of your post. ‘on one side, women are considered to be goddess’. That’s the whole problem there. Their considered as ‘gods’, something more supernatural, than divine. They never consider them to be humans, going through the same emotions and pain others are going through.
    Lovely post. Let the people of India rise against inhuman acts against all humans!

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    1. This is just what I want. I want the people to realise that a girl too is just a human being, she has her own dreams, feelings and emotions. Also, I am an atheist,so I believe​that if every person is given due respect that he/she deserves, we don’t need to worship a rock or believe in something which was discovered by a human itself.

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  5. You’re completely right! I know so many men that look down on women because they think all men are superior to women and women should only be on this earth to supply the man with all his needs. Which I do agree a woman should take care of her man, but the man has an equal responsibility to take care of his woman. Some men even think woman are just toys and they can do whatever they want with them which disgusts me. I’m not saying all men or boys think that way, but there are some pretty messed up people out there. Great post!

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  6. I totally appreciate what all you have put together. I am also a guy from India and I totally agree with you. I agree with the points you have put together that truely reflect a girl’s situation in India.
    However, I would like to rephrase one of your sentences, “but rather teach your boys to be respectful.” to “but rather teach your children to be respectful”.

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