Mother’s day.

Who is a mother? Just a women who gave birth to you? Or just a person who kept you in her womb for 9 months? No, she is much more than that to us. She is the only one who was there to handle all your tantrums, she is the only one who understood your needs even without the use of words, she knew about the reason of our every tear that ever fell from your eyes and was always there to wipe them off.

Every person in this world has a special bond with their mother let it be of love, laughter, trust, faith or it can be even hatred, disrespect, disgust maybe because of some relations gone bad, or some words that were not meant to be said, or misunderstandings. But even after all the hate and distrust, a person’s first thought in any problem, big or small, is of her/his mother.

Today’s generation has become so tech-savvy that they live more on the social media than in real life. People are celebrating mother’s day by posting pictures with their mother who is not even present on those sites, people are posting long quotes about how much they love their mother and at the same point of time they don’t even have few minutes to spend with the same person.

A mother is the only being who gets worried on small things-whether you had your lunch on time, your health, she gets to know whenever you are in a bod mood and tries to make you feel better, she is always there for you on your every failure to tell you that she believes in you, she is there in your every success and is happy about it even more than you. If you have a sibling, it is always a fight as on who is more loved by our mom and all that she replies with is that “I don’t know”.

A mother who has such a pure heart, who is so innocent, is meant to be loved and wished everyday and not only once a year. Just like my mom every mom is the best for her children. Just the thing is that a person should love her and care for her everyday not only on just a specific day.


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