The Faded Canvas.

He worked real hard from day till night,  

It was just the nights when he always cried.

“You will be successful”, they had always said, 

But no one ever saw that painting beside his bed.


So beautiful it was, it was clearly a perfection.  

But it missed something that one day grabbed his attention.            

Was it those trees or that cap of snow,  

What was the flaw, he didn’t know. 


One day lying on his bed, he was deep in thought,  

It is surely the colours, in that faded spot.

The mountains, the shrubs, the sky all were painted,  

But in reality, it was his life that was faded.      


“It has no future” his father had said,

 “Become a doctor or an engineer or a businessman instead”.    

 “Okay” he had said with teary eyes,    

 He still wonders, what if he had rebelled that night.

Everyone in this world is lost. Lost in their dreams, struggling with the reality, and almost dying bit by bit and naming it “life”.

“I will become a chef”, “a dancer”, “an artist”, “a singer”, “I will fly to the moon”. Do you remember these dreams? Yes, these are those “stupid” dreams you had when you were a kid. But, that’s not how life works. Right? You can’t make you future just by following your stupid dreams. Stuff like this is only fine as a hobby or just a mere timepass and it obviously cannot have a successful future. Wrong. Every single word of it-wrong. If your dreams don’t have a future then there is nothing in life that can make you successful.

If you let those dreams die, you can surely earn more, have a big house, a big car, you can “look” successful, but, you will never feel it. You will never be able to experience that true happiness, that joy, that feeling of earning something much more worthy that money-love.

It is never too late, don’t be a person with the faded canvas, bring in the bright​ colours, paint it up, make it new all over again. Bring back that child in you, let that child dream again, let it roam free in this big world. Let your curiosity wander, question the things around you, learn new things, make new friends, loose yourself in the world of your dreams where you are happy, where you are a child again.


15 thoughts on “The Faded Canvas.

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  1. I don’t know what to say. This is the story of every growing kid these days. And it takes real courage to follow your dreams, but if one has that courage then he might one day live his dream.. even if he fails in them, at least there will be no regrets of not trying.

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  2. Its a bonny piece!❤ Genuinely its an irony which we are going through. Just a small correction- it should be ” what was the flaw he didn’t know* ”
    I got it you composed it that way to rhyme it but try if you can fix some other word.
    And one more thing I loved the poem. Its beautiful!😊✌

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