The Private Blog

It read “write your story here…”

How? Which one? All of it? But, what if they blame me? What if they judge me or call me names? No, I can’t do that. I can’t let people know who I am.

“Make it private” his brother came in while she was busy with those thoughs.

“Oh! Umm… Sorry I didn’t see you coming” she replied with a low, terrified voice, trying to hide her laptop.

“Hey! It’s ok. No need to hide it from me. By the way, you write really well. How come you never mentioned it before?” he replied with a smile, trying to calm her down.

Why? Why couldn’t I let people know? Why couldn’t I open up? Why did they call me “the closed book”?

“Snap out of it girl!”

“Sorry…was just in the middle of something…but, I don’t write that good. Just a time pass” she said trying really hard to put up that fake smile.

“Yeah okay, whatever you call it. I just came in to call you. Get up and get ready. We will leave in 5 and hey… there is an option of making it a private one” he winked and left.

Yeah…the private blog. No one will get to know. No one will judge me, no comments, no advices.

They had planned to go to the zoo that day. “How joyous it is to see some animals caged up living a fake life. Yayy!” she had said just by listening to that idea in a really sarcastic tone.

“Oh! Cheer up. I’ll even get you two ice-creams. Promise”

“Mom! I hate ice-creams. How can you even forget! Ughh” and since then, she had locked herself up in that room.

Well yes ofcourse, they all went to the zoo even after the quarrel. She was furious. Wondering if they had even seen the real forest even once. She always had a soft heart for animals. Why? Because she could relate herself with them. Chained up by the society norms, she had her own language that no one else understood and caged up. She had always felt stuck up some where, but, she never knew what was stopping her, she never knew what will she do if she finally gets out, she didn’t knew what was out there. Out in the wild.

The whole day went good enough. Atleast for everyone else except her and no one even asked her what happened because there was never an answer from her side except sarcasm.

As soon as they came back home, she ran up to her room, started up the blog. Wrote up a line. Backspace. Another two lines and… backspace. Two hours went by. Her blank eyes staring at the blank screen. It wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She wasn’t able to find up the right words even in thesaurus. Maybe some thoughts, feelings and situations are not meant to be putted up in words.

Another hour went by. It was dinner time. She made a progress.

“And…Still living :)” it read.
To be continued…


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  1. Really! You are the best person i have ever met. You are made to be loved and to live a happy life.. I cannot change others behaviour towards but ill surely change mine and will try to keep you happy always so that you dont cry bcz you know i feel like dying when a tear drops from your eye bcz of me… Trust me your life is going to change soon in terms of happiness and love.

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