“Up Is The Only Direction Now.”

Life was good. Everything was bright, shining, and full of colours. She could not wish for anything else.

That was when it all happened. The moment that changed everything. Her beliefs, faith, trust, everything changed in just a peck of time. No one knew. No one was meant to know.

She learnt to stay happy with herself, laughed on mistakes, cried on heartaches. Self contained, independent, no hopes, no expectations. This was why she was happy. She was happy because she still couldn’t wish for anything. She was happy because there was nothing that could further shatter her. Nothing.

“Up is the only direction now”. She kept on scribbling it everywhere forcing herself to believe in that phrase. “Yes, I’ll stay positive. Everything’s fine. They are just jealous. He didn’t mean that, just anger. Nothing can break me down.” With teary eyes she kept on mumbling this to herself, just to make sure her mind and heart don’t coincide.

She had a great life. Everything was worth it. Yes. Worth it. She had everything that she was worthy enough to have. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, it was good. It was great. It had to be…

She herself was the reason that she was still living…

This is the second part of “The Private Blog”. To read the first part click here.

Let me know in the comments section how was it. Plus, really sorry for the negativity and the delay in posting.


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