Selfishness Is Good… Sometimes.

Saw this post on Facebook a few days ago. “How did your first heartbreak change you?” The comment section was filled with some who were glad that they survived, some loving the positivity it brought, some hiding their pain with sarcasm and jokes and some…some were wishing if they could get just one chance so that they could turn back time and never let that black day come back into thier lives. Just one single chance to make it all right. But, well, that is what life is. Some move on, some learn, but, some are attached so deeply that they are still stuck and are thinking about all the things they could have done if they could have got just one chance.

They are the ones who finally realised the real meaning of life, the ones who have lived through it, and even though, some of them can’t agree with it, but they are the strongest people alive. The one who went through a heartbreak and still came out strong, can go through every difficulty in their life.

Also, let me clarify, a hearbreak does not mean only when a guy or a girl breaks your heart, it can be anyone or even anything. A broken doll can break a small girl’s heart, maybe just until she diverts her mind to another toy, but she was broken to see pieces of her doll scattered all over the floor.

This is what life is, you are the little girl and that doll is everything that broke your heart. You got it broken once, you found another doll, then another and another and so on and after a while you came across a sudden realisation that maybe, just maybe, you don’t need any doll anymore because it keeps on breaking no matter how much you protect it and that hurts. A lot. That is when you concentrate on much better things. Yourself. You make yourself the priority rather than others. You start to keep yourself happy rather than just focusing on others and that is the biggest achievement. Caring about your needs and wants and working towards fulfilling them.

Be the best for yourself and that is when you will get to know the real you.

It is okay to be selfish sometimes. Just once in a while.


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