Letter From An Introvert.

Dear reader,

This is an open letter for anyone who thinks that we introverts are somewhat shy, less confident, lonely or even boring. That we don’t talk to anyone about anything!

Well, surprise! We do. But, only with the interesting souls, the ones who understand, the ones who are worth talking to. So, if you think that we don’t talk, then my dear, our nature is not the one stopping us, it’s something else. We are confident, we are strong, we can be wild but, only with the selected. Only with the ones we trust, the ones around whom we feel safe.

“Lonely” is never an emotion, it’s just a thought.

We are tired of hearing and answering “Why don’t you talk more?”, “A bit of socializing won’t kill you”, “Stop being so rude”, “Come on! Open up” , again and again and again and AGAIN!

WE DON’T WANT TO! Now, please don’t try to turn us into someone we aren’t. Everyone is special and the best in his/her own way. Just never try to turn a person into what you want them to be.

With best regards and hope,

An introvert.


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