How do you respond when someone insults you, call you names, makes fun of you?

Quietly leave?
Listen and laugh if off?
Change the topic of the discussion and ignore the insult?


But, someone disrespected you. How could you take it so lightly? Your ego was hurt, wasn’t it? Still all you did was smile? How could you be so numb?

Oh okay! you didn’t take it seriously.
Or was it because you didn’t have any better comeback?
You might want to agree that, somewhere, at the back of your head, you did have a sudden feeling of taking the life out of them, of punching them so hard in the face that they never even think of insulting you ever again.


But, you did nothing. You ignored it.

You just went back home and thought about all the things that you could have done, the things that you could have said. You slowly and steadily form up the same situation in your mind. Every single bit of it happening all over again, but, this time, you are the one who show them their true place, this time YOU are the winner!


The next day, you confronted them, ready with your reply. The reply that would have made them feel the same guilt, the same humiliation that you did.
But, something strange happened.
They came up with a different insult! Oops, you didn’t prepare for this one! They are clearly not going by your “script”. What will you do now?
You had to again ignore it. You had to again go back home, build up your little script all over again, get comsumed in all your “this” and “thats”, and again come up with a more insulting reply.

But, guess what? This time too, you just couldn’t win. They again turned out to be a bit more stronger than you. Day in and day out, you made up new situations, new insults, new comebacks. Your mind became the only place where you won. You always had a reply, but, just in your thoughts.

Then a day came. The day when everything changed.

You formed up so many comebacks, so many of your little scripts, that no matter what they said, YOU were the one who won. All those days of trying, feeling the guilt, tolerating, crying, every single thing made you a stronger person.


Never just ignore anything that makes you feel small, makes you feel uncomfortable or unwanted. Think about it. Make up your own script. Be the winner in your thoughts first. Believe in yourself that you can and will win and then, show them, let them know who is the boss!



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