Positivity. Is It Good Or Bad?

We all get across so many articles, quotes, speeches which make you believe that yes, staying positive is the way to go. Positivity makes everything around you look good, it helps you feel better, motivates you to keep on going. It is true. Positivity do help in succeeding. But, till what extent? Just your one thought can’t make the world a better place. Yeah, sure thinking is a start. But, only a start. You can’t just leave things there. You get no “magic fairies” or “three wishes” in the real life. If you want things to get better, you have to make it better. There nor are and neither will ever be shortcuts to “the desired life”.

On the other hand if you think about it, those positive thoughts imprison you. It takes control of the reality, forms up a mask, makes you feel that every single thing around you is at it’s best, when it never is.

I would rather be a realist instead of just thinking about the positives. Life was never supposed to be all flowers and rainbows. It has and always will have thorns and darkness. That is what life really is. Honestly, if nothing bad ever happens in our life for a long time, we will get bored of it some day.


Thinking that things will get better, thinking that if you stay positive all the riches and the happiness of the world will come to you, this doesn’t really sound good now does it? Just thinking of things as right, can’t make it right, right? You still have to work for it. You still have to make it right.  All you are doing is ignoring the problem, that it will get better all by itself. Well, wake up! It won’t.

Also, I’m not saying that stop thinking positive. Positivity is good. Thinking stuff like “yes, things will get back on track”, “yes, I will fight this”, “yes, a day will come when everything is good” is all fine. But, you can’t just stop here. You still need to work hard. You still need to put in efforts. Positivity is good, but it should always have a peck of realism.

Just thinking that something’s fine, won’t ever make it fine.


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