Let us take a moment today. Just a minute. Leave the sorrows behind.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

I know it hurts. I know you have been through a lot. I know you’ve lost hope.

But, just for a moment. Breathe.

Breathe in.

Let your mind burst out. Let the tears roll down. Let it all out.

Breathe out.

Let the heart ache. Let the fear kick in. Let the insecurities talk.


Think of the journey you’ve been through. The ups and the downs. Every problem you’ve faced with a brave heart. Every laughter. Every smile. Every moment you’ve wanted to live again.

You deserved those moments. There are still many more to come. Smile. Because you are worth it.

It will pass. It will get better.

Let’s just breathe today.

Life is short. Let’s make it worth it!


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