Greetings to the curious reader!

Let’s start with a general introduction.

I am Astha Bhardwaj. I live in New Delhi, India and right now I’m preparing for Actuarial Science exams (haven’t cleared it yet though! 😦 ).

Now, the reason why I started this blog…

Well that’s kind of hard to answer. I started up this blog mainly because I wanted people to know about me, I wanted to make an image in the mind of people, not like “Oh that’s his sister or her daughter or her friend” I just wanted to know the people who I really am in real life. Also, I love to write and wordpress is the best platform for me to express myself​.

Umm… let’s know more about me.

I have always been a good listener. Sounds like I’m self-praising? Haha, no that’s what I’ve been hearing from my childhood. I have always been a quiet person and I just love to observe. I love to hear about people’s thoughts about a certain topic, and I just love to know more and more about them, just as long as they don’t try to open me up, because that’s the moment I start getting uncomfortable (an introvert’s problem 😅). I am the type of person who can pass a whole hour looking at just a squirrel jumping around (I HAVE DONE IT!). I have a stage fright and social anxiety too, working hard to get better at them because apperently, presenting yourself is the main quality the society needs today.

I am also a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and if I see a dog in your profile you will be right up in my favorites list. I do love to read too. The best book that I’ve read till now was The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini. I had started the Potter series too, but, it’s been 6-7 years, still haven’t completed it.

‘Music flows in my blood’ well…kind of a cheesy line, but, i have always wished to become a singer, it may come true someday, who knows. I love to sketch too whenever I have some spare time. But, i am not good with paints and colours. That is just not my style. I have been suggested many time to put in some life, some brightness in my sketches, but, according to me, black and white describes me the best. It defines depths and a sort of mystery within.

“There is a way to be good again…”-Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner. Yes, there always is.

I am an optimist. I do believe that everything leads to something better  at the end. I can assure you that if you come to me with an issue that is flipping you out, I can make you feel better about that situation. All you need to do is just send out your thoughts here.

Thanks again for​ taking out time to check out my site.

Happy reading.❤


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