Seven days expressing thoughts only through black and white photos. The Divergent Poet challanged me to take it. Thankyou so much for that. Even though, I am not so good in this sphere but, let's see how this goes. Rules for the challenge: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge... Continue Reading →


A Visit To The Shrink

September was more like a roller coaster ride than just a month. It all started from a "secret" visit to the psychiatrist and ended up in bed somewhere between trying to get to sleep and trying to wake up, trying to do something but always ending up doing nothing. I missed out many classes, spent... Continue Reading →

The 8 o’clock Lecture!

"Get your mind back into the class!" The teacher was shouting at all the students in the class. There was chattering all around. Some playing with the pen of their caps, some struggling to stay awake in the 8 o' clock period (seriously who keeps the class at 8!) and some, surprisingly trying to understand... Continue Reading →

Selfishness Is Good… Sometimes.

Saw this post on Facebook a few days ago. "How did your first heartbreak change you?" The comment section was filled with some who were glad that they survived, some loving the positivity it brought, some hiding their pain with sarcasm and jokes and some...some were wishing if they could get just one chance so... Continue Reading →

“Up Is The Only Direction Now.”

Life was good. Everything was bright, shining, and full of colours. She could not wish for anything else. That was when it all happened. The moment that changed everything. Her beliefs, faith, trust, everything changed in just a peck of time. No one knew. No one was meant to know. She learnt to stay happy... Continue Reading →

The Private Blog

It read "write your story here..." How? Which one? All of it? But, what if they blame me? What if they judge me or call me names? No, I can't do that. I can't let people know who I am. "Make it private" his brother came in while she was busy with those thoughs. "Oh!... Continue Reading →

The beginning.

A glistening full-moon night, A lone and lost girl, An isolated street, A group of men, stink of alcohol, Abuse, screams, muffled gasps, And...a cry for help. Broad daylight, blazing sun, A five-year-old, A hungry step-father, Squeals, fear, cries, And...a scared, grown-up child. Boys hostel, A young boy - a nerd, a loner, A gang... Continue Reading →

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